Spectre is the latest 007 Bond offering. Not bad a movie. A bit disapapointing thou. Plot reasons is the reason for my disappointment. I personally enjoyed Skyfall beteter. Even the music at the beginning by Adel added to it. Although Sam Smith did justice to it, the music in this film, I still feel it wasn’t enough.

The plot again was confusing. However it did come together eventually. heeheheh. Bond(Craig) is in Mexico City, trackie a guy down. Trouble ensues. M(Fiennes) is furious and tells Bond that “he is grounded“. However Bond feels this is needed, so he hires the help of Moneypenny(Harris) and my baby Q(Winshaw). Q “pricks” him with a Microchip, so that M and everyone knows where Bond is gone to.


The Man from UNCLE

Well what an interesting film, this turned out to be. I was completely lost with the plot. Although the Music was unreal, I totally enjoyed the music. Henry’s character was fab. Totally enjoyed his soothing voice and his strong American accent. Bottomline, guys YOU need to have seen the TV Series that was released in the ’60s/’70s. I was completely lost as I said, like one minute Solo and Kuryakin are fighting EACH other, next Gaby is actually betrays Solo and Kuraykin. Like whats going on. And now we learn at the end that Gaby, Solo and Kurayakin have a “code name” for the thrio, as stated by Waverly(Grant). They are now known as UNCLE(United Network Command for Law and Enforcement). So overall great movie, Music WOW, so ENJOYABLE. I was there like the conductor.

The plot being from what I can get, is that Solo(Cavill) is teamed up with Kuryakin(Hamemr). Initially Solo teams up with Gaby(Vikander). They are pursued by Kuryakin. They each learn that Kuraykin is actually now Solo’s partner. So with the niceys niceys done, Gaby is to play Fiancé with KUryakin.


The Transporter

The film is very basic plot. Thats what I love about movies. Some I do like when you are left guessing, but not all the time.

A Transporter is required to deliver “Packages” around. All Packages are “required” to follow “guidelines” in case of car chases. His first trip to deliver robbers Packages to a guy. “Weight”, “Destination”, He continues to get jobs or “Transports”. However on one particular job, he receives a package to be delivered to Grenoble, France. He stops buy for refreshments and his car is blown up. As expected he gets very pissed off. This Chinese woman – Lai(Shu) was one of the deliver packages. HE delivers her. IN return he receives the package that blew up his car. So on a revenge warpath, he encounters Lai again. He is so annoyed. It is then revealed Lai involved in his personal life is actually because she tells Frank(Statham) that her Father and family are to become slaves in a shipment container.

I enjoyed the movie. Seen it a few times. Great action flick. No doubt. However I was lost as to the bit why Frank was late and yet Frank himself is punished by his car being blown up. So according to the film, If I’m late for something and that was MY rule, I should be punished?????


Jurassic World

Plot was quite simple actually. hahaha. I found it very good actually. In that with the dinosaur actions. The plot being a new theme park is opened. However the dinosaurs are actually Genetically Modified. IT gets a bit too scientific for my liking. So then one of the Dinosaurs a Mother of a …… escapes, and causes havoc. One of the creators ie the scientists is asked what components was created to make the dinosaur. They fail to answer the question, however it is then soon realsied that it is a Raptor. There were three Raptors that Owen(Pratt) was “socialising” or rearing, something like that. Then came along Claire(Howard) who is a sister to Karen(Greer) is asked to look after Zack(Robinson) and Gray(Simpkins), who is a Business woman and simply don’t have time for both Zack and Gray. Human tragedy brings all the family closer together. I enjoyed the film emmensley. The sound effects and CGI WOW, especially when “more teeth” were required in that Claire brought along another Mother of a……and the original was brought down by a Sea Monster. So yeah it was fantastic. ON the edge of me seat.


Terminator: Genisys

Oh my god, like, just wow. What a movie. It was fantastic. Plot was kinda simple. Kyle Reese(Courtney) being the FATHER to John Connor(Clarke) and Sarah Connor’s(Clarke) love interest was sent back to help out Sarah. heheeh. Kyle what a babe the actor was. awwwww. Again great music when I saw Hans Zimmer, awwww my gawd. I think he shud give up his wife or partner and marry me. hahaha. I just So love his music. eheheh.


Monsters: Dark Continental

Very interesting film. The only good thing or positive I can give was the sound effects. It was unreal. I mean like everytime, I saw the monsters and the characters were fighting off the monsters, the sound effects, just WOW. The rest thou was completely and utter rubbish. The plot unpplottable.  Plot hadn’t a notion. I understood, it was spoz to be whereby they try and stop the monsters. However they added a war element to it. Complete and Utter Disgrace.