The Man from UNCLE

Well what an interesting film, this turned out to be. I was completely lost with the plot. Although the Music was unreal, I totally enjoyed the music. Henry’s character was fab. Totally enjoyed his soothing voice and his strong American accent. Bottomline, guys YOU need to have seen the TV Series that was released in the ’60s/’70s. I was completely lost as I said, like one minute Solo and Kuryakin are fighting EACH other, next Gaby is actually betrays Solo and Kuraykin. Like whats going on. And now we learn at the end that Gaby, Solo and Kurayakin have a “code name” for the thrio, as stated by Waverly(Grant). They are now known as UNCLE(United Network Command for Law and Enforcement). So overall great movie, Music WOW, so ENJOYABLE. I was there like the conductor.

The plot being from what I can get, is that Solo(Cavill) is teamed up with Kuryakin(Hamemr). Initially Solo teams up with Gaby(Vikander). They are pursued by Kuryakin. They each learn that Kuraykin is actually now Solo’s partner. So with the niceys niceys done, Gaby is to play Fiancé with KUryakin.


The Water Diviner

Very powerful film in some parts. A father goes out to find his sons. Learned that Gallipoli is in Turkey. It was between ANZAC(Australia New Zealand AC???) and Turkey as part of World War 1. The Galipolli is known as “The Forgotten War”. In the end, the Father(Crowe) finds them all dead except ONE. The both of them escape the Greeks.

Diary 10th November 2014

PS This post contains NSFW content by means of sexual content.

I went to bed very late after looking at an emotional BUT very comical film The Worlds’ End(REVIEW here).

Shortly before I was shutting down Lappy, I was looking at the Catholic Church and World War 1. From my understanding, you couldn’t come out and be proud of your loved one being in the war or to say that your loved one faught for your country OR in Ireland’s case(as the country is NEUATRAL – which means we don’t fight in wars, we made a pact), The Irish joined the British Army to help out etc., etc.,

Mom rang me to say she has chips etc., for me. However with the “illness” – so called, I didn’t want em, so I lied through my teeth so. I didn’t wanna jepardise. Although when I was with my sis yesterday, I did have a chili overheat from Mom’s take out she had.

I was looking at a Porn flick while doing my junior(you know what I mean – hahahaa – my gay friends would know what I mean – heehheeh). I love a porn that has a story line or a simple plot. e.g a guy has been thrown out, and hence needs a place to crash etc., etc.,In this instance, the gay guy brought around 2 straight guys round. Claiming to them that a Tiffany would be round. The gay guy said the Tiffany loves em all tied up. The guys bought that, and hence got tied up. Then the gay guy did the sexual act of Blow job on each of em. The white guy in particular was of most homophobic, although the colored guy was no better. Anyways, the guys would say stuff such as faggot, you’re not sucking me, etc., etc., . The white guy was the most. The colored although he was homophobic, he in my opinion was actually enjoying it. But anyways as usual I get distracted. What I’m trying to say, these guys were actually the gay guy’s BULLY. The straight guys, were saying you’d have balls to let us go, cause we’re gonna really beat the shit out of you etc., etc., so the gay guy CLEVERLY says, there is a security tape, hidden but visible to the whole school if you touch me or even verbally abuse me etc., etc., HOW CLASSIC was that. I wish I had done that to my bully. So the gay guy says while the two are sucking him, “Who’s the faggot now”, they BOTH reply “Fuck you faggot”. Bottomline, lure your bully into a place, RECORD and then threaten to relasie the video if they go near you or whatever. I thought it was well acted out Porn(ASSUMING  of course it was acting).

Then shortly before I got up, I had a dream of whereby I was constantly pulling my sleeve. When I was younger BEFORE Inflatables existed in my life. I was constantly biting my sleeve. Its a habit, I had over in Romania. Perhaps the longing of my Mom of which I have a dedicated FB Page for her. Obviously for data privacy reasons, I haven’t anything incriminating mainly, cause I don’t have that information. Even if I did, I would respect her privacy. heeheh. But anyways, when I was in the orphanage, the nurses etc., saw that I was bighteing my skin on a consistence basis. So they gave me a rag to bite on. To this day 30 years, later, I still have the habit. Now while the sleeve, has reduced significantly, I still have urge alrite. BUT the Inflatables(obviously if I were to bite em, they wouldn’t be around for long – haahah). So to keep em, I just hug em to my delightful. heheeheh.


Former RTE Current Affairs Prime Time host, etc., has died. Joined RTE 1962. He covered 2 major Election coverage. ’73 and ’77. Oversaw for the first time a Taoeiseach conseeding to defeat. Current Affairs output for 40yrs. He covered such on 7 Days and Today, Tonight. . He provided commentary for ceremonial occasions such as State Funerals and JFK’s State Visit to the Republic of Ireland. Born in Manchester, moved to Ireland.

A MOCK referendum has been held in Catalonia, Spain to break away from Spain. Catalonians are wanting to be an Independent country, just liek the way Scotland tried doing September 2014 gone. A Court order was struck down, It has been said that Catalonia may NEVER be allowed to break away. But as it happens, It the referendum were to be held more than 80% would be in favor.

The Netherlands has held a Memorial Service today in memory of those who died in the MH17 disaster in the Summer 2014. All 219 perished in the disaster. Of which 193 were Dutch Nationals. 9 Are still UNACCOUNTED for currently.

Diary 9th November 2014

Well I got up not to bad. After enjoying a great sleep, I headed onto my sis for a great visit. hehehe. WE chatted and looked TV and movies. hehhee. THats about it to be honest. She had a bit of a breakdown, due to which obviously I won’t be getting into. Bottomline, I advised her of the situation. So hopefully alls’ well. Both of us were playing Ring Cock, whereby we threw rings on the Inflatable cock I bought yesterday. It was so fun.


Former Fianna Fáil, Minister  for Agriculture and Food Joe Walsh has died. He was 71. He served as Minister in ’92-’94 and again ’97-’04. He oversaw the Foot and Mouth Disease and introduced controls.

Remembrance Sunday in honor of those who died in two World Wars, and later conflicts.  Taeoiasach Enda Kenny laid a Wreath at War Memorial, Enniskillen(an IRA Bomb claimed 11 lives in 1987), while Minister for Foreign Affairs was at the Wreath Laying Ceremony in Belfast, UK. Other Dignitaries included Northern Ireland’s First Minster Peter Robinson MP.

Dulbin, IRL was also a location of Remembrance, where Tánsite, US and British Ambassador also paid tributes in St. Patrick’s Cathedral, The Lord Mayor of Dublin – having to defend his presence. 100s and 1000s of IRISH who fought in World War 1 including Michael Colton’s Father

And Ireland’s Ambassador(Dan Mulhall) to Britain was at the Senitaf, London, UK. Wreath’s were also laid in Belfast, UK and Dublin, IRL

25th Anniversary of the FALLING of the Berlin Wall. German Chancellor Angela Merkel attended a Service in honor of those who died and perished at the hands of the Communist Regime of the East German Regime. She also said that fall of the wall has shown the world that “Dreams can come true”. The Reunification of East Germany and West Germany signified the end of the Cold War. Mikaeil Gorbachev who was the last leader of the Soviet Leader was also in attendance and among the honored guests. Tonight at the Brandenburg Gate, 7,000 white balloons will be realsed symbolically reenacting the Fall of Wall on this Night 25 yrs ago.


I popped along to see Fury. It was quite interesting. The plot was slightly confusing. The descriptor of the movies was confusing. Bottomline, you’d have to have read up about World War 2 in the past. I would have been thought some of it, in school alrite. Anyways back to the film, the film surrounds Don(Pitt), Bible(LeBouf), Norman(Lerman) who was recently added to the group, Trini(Pena), Grady(Bernthal). As I understand, they go from Town to Town fighting and fighting. Literally that’s the case. They encounter one town, whereby Norman and Don are at a house. And as Norman is so under stress and distressed. He plays the piano and a lovely piece. You can see the happiness in his smile. I found that heartwarming. Considering what he’s been through etc., etc., Sadly ALL but one perish in the final town. The Tank fell victim to a mine. So with that, they were stuck. One cool thing about the movie thou was we got to see INSIDE a tank. It was so awesome. So overall not bad a movie.


Diary 4th August 2014 – Bank Holiday Monday

Well so far as I right this Diary as at 5th August 2014 at almost 1am, I have NOT slept. Throughout the whole day, I had been so worried of my sis’ whereabouts, I had been ringing her, rang hospitals even the cops. Nothing. So I was left throughout the night that she was dead. Not the best feeling. So on my way over to Todd’s, for a different entirety, I decided to try her once again. No surprise. So then, I deiced try something that I’d NORMALLY wouldn’t for COST REASONS. So I rang her via Facebook’s call function. TO my surprise she actually answered. I asked that she hang up so that I can ring on the O2 Network INSTEAD of the Data(Internet) which is COSTLY. Without going into details of her whereabouts, I’m more than happy to announce that she’s safe and sound. That doesn’t’ mean that she’s happy as larry or anything. She is undergoing treatment for her mental health. That’s all I can give you for privacy reasons. Rest assured she will be looked after by myself her brother, and of course her family and friends. But I am so happy that she’s alive and well. Its all we want, for her to be happy and most important SAFE.

So with that in mind, I continued onto Todd’s for mainly to do gardening for him, as he’s moving out to a another place and he wants to put the place into ship shape before he moves into his new place.  He set out the plan for the day. We do a bit of gardening, while he does cleaning inside, then to go to a viewing, then he’d have to wait for his Tescos groceries and finally finish the night off with the Movie.

So I started my job of gardening. Pruning the rose bush ie the prickly one, and weeding the patio. I did this for awhile. We then sat down to a cuppa tea. As he don’t have soya, I tried an Earl Grey. He said that Earl Grey should be tasted with Sugar. Of which I did. It attracts its strength. I guess I will have to get use to Early Grey.

So then we got ready for a viewing out in Belmayne, Malahide, Co. Dublin. We waited for a bit. We were taken aback by the amount of enthusiast of the landlady and her (probably boyfriend – as I later learned). I learned myself that there’s a Fr. Collins Park that you can walk around. The landlady who is a young female teacher is renting the place out. She lived there for 6 yrs and is now letting it. So expressed a bit of a missing say her TV Furniture and blinds etc., I found that a bit abnormal but Todd told me that’s normal. She then thought that we were together moving in. So that suggest that’s she’s acceptance of gay people or whatever. However her boyfriend, of which I later learned that’s why she was moving out, to probably move in with him, I kept looking at him. So hot he was. He was wearing very tight Grey Jeans, and very tight tshirt or at least on the smaller size as I could see his belly button or at the very very least his undies. He’s hairy, But I just kept looking at him. I later on in the day, kept telling Todd this. That I’ve never felt like this after seeing a “straight” guy.

So then when we came back we continued on the gardening. We brushed up any dirt on the ground. He asked that I prune a plant that his mother gave him, when she was over here in Ireland for the first time a few years ago and then  to transfer it to a different pot.

So then we went inside. Entertained ourselves for a bit. I meself was getting a bit sleepy(NOT good news as I wanted to see the film. ). So I asked Todd if we could get a takeout, as I was starving me guts. So We agreed that I pay for the Cinema Food and he get hte Tickets and the Takeout(as part of my birthday pressie and my pay). We eventually got the takeout. Mind you it was lovely. It was actually Spice n Rice(A place I had planned on trying at one stage anyways). Todd had ordered Tescos groceries for today(Monday) for between 4pm – 6pm. It was approaching 6pm and no groceries delivery. So he started ring around. It was found that the van had broken down. So he is to get his ordered tomoz night(Tues)  around 8 – 10pm .

So Todd invited his friend Steve Kendell along to the cinema. I found him at first to be a bit insulting (obv joking – but as some of yee might know, I don’t take jokes too well). But I like any other NORMAL human being got to know him UNLIKE other ppl who shall remain nameless who constantly judge ppl. I got to know Steve. He’s actually a cool guy and NOT forgetting a hottie. hahahah.The three of us popped along to Guardian of The Galaxy(Review here). So after the film, we were going to go for a drink, however Steve had to head off and the Gibson Hotel bar was closing at half 11. SO then we dispersed and headed on home.


Today marks 100 years anniversary of the beginning of World War 1, where Germany invaded Belgium. The conflict was hoping to have been ceased by Christmas of 1914 the year World War 1 began. Europe instead witnessed Slaughter on an industrial scale. It instead dragged on for 4 yrs. The collapsing of Empires were experienced or witnessed and the birth of New States. Úachtarán na hÉireann Michael D. Higgins joined heads of States from more than 70 countries including German’s President: Joachim Gauck, UK’s Duke of Cambridge: Prince William, French President: Francois Hollande, Belgian King Philippe of Belgium

Diary 3rd August 2014

After a wonderful night, with Brendan and Daniel, we all woke up eventually around 8am. We didn’t chat as much as light night. hahaha. Daniel had recommended Coconut Milk last night. So I decided to get it. I waited til Tescos opened. But as it happens they were already opened. hahaha. So the three of us headed to Tescos. Then we all dispersed. Brendan went back to his house. And Daniel and I, headed on home. WE chatted, got to know each other. heehehe. On our way, We encountered Portobello College. Where I told him about the time I spent for the work experience. However I did notice something else, where I DIDN’T spot yesterday. The main building or the Administration Bullring of Portobello College is now some English Language School(Atlas or something). We then continued our journey and came across the Unitarian Church. He had asked me in advance about it. While there, we went in on a service. Two aspects of the service caught my eye. To take the word “God” out of the your daily lives. This remark was said if I can recall was actually to do with atheists. Something like that. Then the other was the congregation was asked if they were to receive an email from God, what do you think it would be said to you. But what caught my eye was actually the “Image of God”.

So then we continued. While waiting at the lights, Daniel saw Brendan on the bus. I hadn’t seen it. I was looking at the pot holes that was ont he road. Unreal. So Daniel and I dispersed. Daniel headed onto Baggot St and I headed down Kildare St.,

On my way, I encountered the area where TV3 and RTE1 do their interviews and reporting, on Molseworth St.,

I then noticed the amount of tourists. Its unreal. In particular students. Great to see such buzz alrite. No question of that. ahhaah.

So then I came home, in the middle of GAA matches which had started. Then I popped into Indian Taste, as I was starving me guts. I have been there before.

Mom yesterday, took my TV and Lappy, as she had the intention of me moving out IMMEDIATELY into their home. I have no intention of moving into THEIR home. Oh I will be moving out, NOT into THEIR HOME. So as I was rushing home(so to speak), to start doing yesterday News, and have a bit of space for Dallas Repeat. Then on the way home, I only thought that Mom has my Lappy and TV, so no Dallas this week :(.

So then Mom appeared shortly after I had finished my meal. So My sis and I were to go out to with the family. As it happens My sis wasn’t available. She’s feeling under the weather atm. So pls pray that she will get well soon.

Oh and before I forget, Both Brendan and I, learnt some interesting American terminology from Daniel. He’s originally from America. e.g. Wine Cooler is actually an Alcopops. How this came about, was that we were discussing drinks. And when Daniel mentioned Wine Cooler, I understood he was referring to the mini fridge cooler.

Me worrying about more flooding while I was at O’ Farrell’s last night, I started to get anxious or whatever, and mourning for my puppies: Patch & Sammy.


Louise O’ Keefe who won a landmark legal against the State European Ruling of Human Rights has criticized the Irish Government response to the ruling. Earlier this year, the European Court of Human Rights found that the State had indeed breached her Human Right. The State had denied responsibility.

A Special Mass in Dublin’s PRoCatheredal was celebrated for the 1,000s of Irishmen who fought in World War 1 were remembered. Its the first time in 40yrs that the Pro Cathedral has held such commemoration. The last time it commemorated for the Northern Ireland troubles escalated. Minister for Foreign Affairs exclaimed that the forgotten heros of the Irishmen were ” airbrushed them out of history”.  Because of the 1916 Rising ie the Home wars.